LFS Player Hacker

LFS Player Hacker 2.0

The LFS Player Hacker lets you change the skin of your LFS Driver
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With the ability of modifying a game, a lot of nice and useful utilities are made by the users for other users. Normally, these utilities are helpful or add more features to the game. In the case of the LFS Player Hacker, its none of those. The whole point of the Live for Speed: Player Hacker is just to change the "skin" of the driver model in LFS. The skin is actually the texture in which the shape is covered, so instead of having a driver with racing overalls, you can have a street racer. The hacker removes all racing gear and your player ends up with shirt, jeans and no helmet. The only thing you have to do is install the program, and file the .ply file that represents a profile in the game. Once it is loaded, you can choose from predefined styles, as well as create your own if you have some texturing knowledge. You can also add another small touch to your character, and change the license plate you race with. Not really a bit effect in the game, nor a very useful one, but it works as it should.

Ismael Mireles
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